Accept credit card payments online in Fargo

Accept credit card payments online in Fargo

Web and Mobile Payments and E-commerce in Fargo

Website Design Company Fargo - E commerce Website Accept Web Payments Fargo
Website Design Company Fargo – Ecommerce Website Accept Web Payments Fargo

Task Pay is a Fargo E-commerce Product that allows you to accept credit card payments online, accept website payments, and schedule recurring billing.

If you have ever wished that there could be a way for your clients to pay their invoice online? Have you also wished that you didn’t have to spend a ton of money connecting your accounting software to an online payment system and deal with the security hassles that come with that connection?

Task Pay was developed just for you!

How to Accept payments online for any Website or Mobile website – Easy Online Payments and E-commerce with Stripe

With Task Pay you can:

1. Take one time payments for products and services on your website
2. Take payments for bills or invoices online
3. Set clients up on recurring monthly payments (subscriptions & memberships)
4. Manage transactions and import into Quickbooks

You can accept payments on your website for products or services that you offer. Whether you sell services or stuff that you will ship to customers, Task Pay allows you to take payment online.

Customers can pay their bill online. This payment system allows your customer to manually enter their invoice number, the amount they are paying, and their credit card and address information. You will then get an email saying that money has been paid to you, from whom, and for which invoice/bill.

For businesses that have a monthly membership plan or subscription services, Task Pay allows you to create recurring billing for those customers.

Task Pay uses Stripe* as a payment gateway (or credit card processing provider). Stripe is like many other online payment processing systems, they only take a small fee/percentage upon each transaction. There are no membership fees, monthly usage fees, signup fees, or any other charges.

This system is convenient, low cost, and the perfect solution for taking online payments. Built for small businesses, entrepreneurs and sole proprietors who want to skip the hassle and high fee structure of traditional payment systems, Task Pay reduces your costs and makes it easier to collect money from your customers.

* We are not affiliated with Stripe. We have used their easy API for our own needs and have provided this application for purchase because it works and we think you’ll like it. We don’t get a kick back, we don’t take a percentage of your transaction fee, in-fact, that is one of the reasons we built it. All the traditional options through our bank and local providers take a percentage of each transaction. No middle man can have my money, and no middle man should have yours either. To read up about Stripe go to their website

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