Custom Web Design or copied wordpress themes Fargo

Custom Web Design or copied wordpress themes Fargo

Our mobile and responsive web development helps you connect, engage, and promote your products or services. We provide web design solutions that solve your problems, and generates long term value. If you are looking for a professional business website and not a WordPress blog type website we can help.

We utilize cutting edge design standards and coding practices to create business websites that are clean, user-friendly, optimized and fast. It is our job to keep up with technology and utilize that knowledge to build the most efficient, ahead of the curve products for out clients.

Right now the web is moving fast in the direction of mobile devices. Our website design services are in line with that trend and two steps ahead of our local market. Let us sit down with you to discuss how creating a mobile ready website will help your business stay on top of your market.

Our clients want to know that the products they receive are not already obsolete when they’re launched. Sit down with us today to get a feel for what is possible, what you need to compete, and how we can help.

Website SEO
Search Engine Optimization is one of the most confused terms on the web. What SEO really means in practical terms is that your website is optimized for Search Engine placement. This is not to be confused with Search Engine Marketing, an ongoing monthly process that combines link building and perhaps pay per click campaigns.

SEO is the process of
• adding the right keywords, descriptions, titles, and tags to match your content
• creating clean code (or cleaning up your code)
• optimizing images for fast download speeds
• optimizing your code for lightning fast download speed
• minimizing the number of clicks to your content
• Much more….

The real point is to say that a website needs to be built right the first time so SEO stops becoming a conversation you have with telemarketers. (We get those calls too.) When your site is optimized right out of the starting gate, you can worry about other more important things, like your content and your sales.

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