Custom website design in Fargo

Custom website design in Fargo

There are so many great Fargo web design companies; it is hard to choose one – Right. As a business owner you are probably asking yourself – what is custom website design? How do I find a custom website designer that is right for your business?

When looking at so many web design companies and designers and their websites in Fargo alone, it can be confusing trying to find the best fit. It may also appear that many of them are using WordPress child themes to define something that is innovative, or something exclusive or custom. When in fact, WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as an open source blog software.

Custom web design and web development in Fargo, North Dakota can be defined in many ways. We can look at every website design company based in Fargo and see if they use very basic open source software like WordPress, or do they know more than one advanced level programming language to develop an original website without third party software.

Is the secret to custom website design – A WordPress Child Theme?

Many business owners don’t really understand the difference between having a custom website design and having a customized WordPress child theme. First, we should define what the difference between custom website design and theme customization is.

Theme customization vs. Custom web design and development

Custom Website Design

Custom website design requires a web designer or web development team to actually know how to write advanced html, html5, php, markup and source code. Web developers have a full knowledge of programming languages, along with solid graphic design skills. In addition, a true website designer has a full knowledge of web standards, optimization, and web marketing that adheres to current web standards. Web developers use these advanced skills to create a unique one of a kind website. Custom website design is not a mass produced theme, and quite unique in style, quality, and use.

Theme customization is the practice of taking a mass produced template or purchased website template and recycling the theme colors, layout and contents to fit another website purpose. Theme customization is very popular with WordPress and you only need basic level skills to modify WordPress themes.

So, what does it take to custom build a WordPress theme? WordPress is not all that difficult to set up and uploaded with the famous 5-minute installation, and just about any person can become a WordPress web design expert. Right… We believe wordpress is great option for companies in Fargo that have basic level programming knowledge. Just customize a $49 WordPress theme and sell it for two or five thousand. It doesn’t seem all that custom to us, but seems to work for them. Maybe we are doing it wrong…

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