E-commerce web design Fargo

E-commerce web design Fargo

Real e-commerce development – Not the non-developer WooCommerce free open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress…

Flexible, adaptable and fluid online shopping carts are rare. Lucky for you, we have a great one. Responsive web design has not been generally used for shopping carts and is still new to most of the general public. In a nutshell, responsive design allows the website you’re looking at to adapt and adjust its layout to fit the device you’re using. You can see the bare bones of it here: madewithstripe.com


FAST!!! This cart is optimized for super-fast load time. When someone is shopping for your product on their phone they want it now and they won’t wait for clumsy carts to download, especially if they have limited data plans. This cart loads in less than 5 seconds (average of about 2 seconds).

Readable! Have you loaded a site on your phone and it’s simply a reduced view of the whole website and you can’t read a thing? One great characteristic of adaptive design is that the cart arranges itself for optimal viewing on the screen you’re using. So on a pc or a tablet there might be two or three columns of items and it switches to one scrollable column on a smart-phone. But you can read every word!

Super Easy product upload

1. The management of products in this shopping cart is extremely user-friendly. No coding necessary, simply type information and upload photos or pdf’s.
2. Manage your entire list of products on one screen
3. After an item is added to the cart, your cart stays on the left column or at the top of the screen. Check out is simple too.
4. Designed to use with Stripe, which is completely user-friendly. No coding is needed. Just enter the four keys that Stripe gives you for your account and you’re all set.

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Responsive Shopping Cart – built on Stripe

We’re ready to launch a new mobile ready shopping cart, a payment form for businesses and very soon a flexible CMS. We have been working very hard on creating a few products that solve a number of current mobile web issues. Using responsive web design techniques, the new products we are launching are built to fit all devices, from you desktop computer, to your ipad, to your mobile phone.

Mobile Ready Shopping Cart

Our new mobile shopping cart is designed specifically to use with the Stripe payment gateway. We chose stripe for a number of reasons, not the least of which was cost. Our own merchant account was costing too much money, in our opinion, and we were looking at other options for taking credit card payments without incredibly high processing fees. Anecdotally, we were tired of seeing a new fee from our traditional merchant services provider each month. The last straw was a $60 administrative fee that, when figured in to our normal transaction fees that month, add up to paying almost 30% of our charges in fees. A friend let me borrow their merchant account statement to compare costs. They have a low volume of transactions, 4 to be precise, and yet on those 4 transactions, there were 15 separate fees ranging from .10 to $28.80.

With Stripe, it is a 2.9% plus .30 per transaction, period.

The cart is designed to be mobile device ready. This means shopping on any of your mobile devices is painless. How many times have you been kicked off your phone or tablet in the middle of a transaction? This cart scales to your device’s screen, has appropriately sized add to cart buttons and simple options.

Streamlined and easy to use fields allow you to add your inventory to your cart, and organize your products. The best thing is that you don’t have to know how to program – you can plug right in. Many packaged shopping carts require coding knowledge to configure their cart on your site. This cart is completely user friendly. It is basic for now, but custom ad’ons are always an option if you need something that isn’t already built in.

Contact us today about getting set up with this simple, flexible shopping cart that is mobile ready; and build your sales in 2013!

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