Graphic design color scheme Adobe Kuler

Graphic design color scheme Adobe Kuler

Graphic Design – How To Use To Adobe Kuler To Create Color Schemes With The Color Wheel


Graphic design color scheme - When you want to create color schemes such that you can use them consistently in a presentation or even for other purposes, one of the best tools you can use has to be Adobe Kuler. Here, we will list down the easy steps that will help you create color schemes easily.

Graphic design or digital marketing.
1. Sign in to the Adobe Kuler program with your Adobe id.

2. Click on the camera icon on the right-hand side and select the picture whose color scheme you wish to incorporate.

3. Adobe Kuler uses themes that are made up of five different colors and it will automatically pick them up based upon the image which you have uploaded.

4. On the left-hand side, you have a feature called moods which have the following options.

a. Colorful
b. Bright
c. Muted
d. Deep
e. Dark
f. Custom

5. You should ideally check out the color schemes for each of these moods and then select the one which you deem to be best.

6. If you are not happy with any of these, you can simply drag the small circular bubbles that are present on the image and bring the over colors which you wish to pick.

7. If you are looking for even more controls and customization, click the color wheel icon on the right-hand side.

8. You will find a color slider controller and you can slide the colors to finally have the scheme which is best suited with what you are looking for.

9. Once you have decided the final combination, hit save on the left-hand side.

10. You can name your theme and even add keywords to it for quick retrieval.

Making custom color schemes – When you do not want to make a color scheme from an image and you are looking to do it with the color wheel, the process remains the same.
Choose the color wheel from the right-hand side. However, instead of the six different moods which you had, you now have different preset color rules which will aid you in quick and easy selection. The color rules are a follows.

a) Analogous
b) Monochromatic
c) Triad
d) Complementary
e) Compound
f) Shades

Go through the combination which each of these rules offer and you can further tweak them based on your preferences.

These are the simple steps which when followed is sure to help you create some of the best color schemes. You should have a good understanding of how different colors behave in unison when you are looking to create custom color schemes. With the right color scheme, your overall design can truly look appealing and it will be able to serve its need and entice the users in a befitting manner. Feel free to play with the schemes before you settle with the final choice.

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