Hashtags – Hash them out in an interactive way

Hashtags – Hash them out in an interactive way

Hashtags Pointers

Hashtags, a.k.a the pound sign, have occupied a special place in social media posts. Even the Oxford American Dictionary has recognized it and added to its lexicon. If you need to categorize what you are posting, then you need to use a hashtag. It is the easy way for others to find your content and to discover other relevant content on the internet. No person who is well-connected to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, and Google+ will be able to miss it. Nonetheless, there are still who do not know the best ways to use it.



hash or hastags interactive use

Here are some pointers on using #hastag words.

Correct Use. Not all hashtags can be used. Select the correct #words that have a specific community audience so that your message or content is able to engage with that particular audience. Create a hashtag for your business that will work well with your photo or message.

Suit your tags according to the social network. These are used to tag content but every social network has its own unique way of using hashtags. Instagram hashtags, for example, do not focus on the theme or topic, which is the way Twitter hashtags do, but on the description of the photo and the tools used. It pays to study the kind of hashtags these social networks recommend by reading their guides.

Create them based on relevance, not on brands or names. A business should be creative and inspiring that can associated with your brand name, but not necessarily include your brand name. A brand name on t-shirts should describe the quality of the clothing apparel. If it catches the attention of wearers, sooner or later it might have a following.

Short and not-so-clever are the best. Hashtags that are long will put off people who find them difficult to type. Being too witty will defeat the purpose of making them searchable. Terse but charming will do the trick.
Don’t go overboard when using them. Don’t add more #words than the words of your posts. While Instagram users are allowed 30 hashtags since they noticed that more #words mean more likes and audience, it is not advisable to pepper your posts with so many as to drown the message or content you are trying to convey.

Be selective. Use the wisely they are not to be used in every post, comment, tweet you make. Not all your posts require hashtags. Remember that hashtags function to allow others to reach your content. When you are not contributing anything to the conversation, discussion or debate, leave them out. But if you are sharing newsworthy input to the content in question, then include the focused #word.

Hashtags are an important social media feature that allows you to engage with a wider audience and make a mark in the arena. As any feature, it is liable to be abused. But as a responsible social media practitioner, taking note of these suggestions will make your #words more meaningful and relevant to all. Contact us to learn more about how website design and digital marketing can help your business.

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