Kittsona – The Chase Commercial

Kittsona – The Chase Commercial


I’m Steffen the director of the Kittsona commercial. I just wanted to talk a little bit about our working process on it. Please check it out:

Director: Steffen Gruber

Cinematographer: Patrick Wynne

Producer: Elran Ofir

Creative: Tessa Hiney, Alexy Johnston

Gaffer: Jason Bedard


Kittsona approached us with the idea to produce a video for their social channels that on one hand features their products and on the other hand shows their roots and bond with North Dakota. When you look at their website and social channels you can definitely see what they were going for. They are doing such a great job on Facebook and especially on Instagram. So for us it was really easy to understand their brand and their message. Tessa and her creative team already had the idea of 15 girls having a picnic outside at a huge table.They wanted to add a cute element like an animal. So we came up with the lamb that steals the pillow and brings it back to its barn to decorate it. I wanted to establish the North Dakota feel with some of the girls driving a cool car in a beautiful location in the middle of nowhere. We created a little pitch book and send it over to them. Kittsona loved it and we went straight into preproduction. We exchange a huge amount of pictures and emails. Everybody was working toward the same direction. It was just awesome. I could ask for anything and they tried to make it work. Like for example the day before the shot I asked if we can get the Kittsona license plate. They had it ready the next day. The actual shoot was great. Of course, we had a bunch of problems like dealing with 2 lambs or the VW Beetle not wanting to start for 1 hour, but overall it was a blast. I think everybody had fun and enjoyed what we were doing. The models were amazing to work with and beautiful. So it wasn’t really work shooting beautiful women driving car or having a picnic or chasing a lamb. Postproduction was pretty quick and smooth. I feel because we understood each other so well, there was no drama or huge changes at this point. I think I did 3 revisions of the video and the Kittsona Team was super happy. Overall I think we have a beautiful video featuring Kittsona’s collection and showing the beauty of North Dakota. It’s amazing.

Social video marketing: We produced the video specifically for Kittsona’s social media channels. When you check out their Instagram Channel you can also find 3 Teasers we did for them.

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