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Suite 171 is a website design, website SEO, web marketing, and mobile app development company based in Fargo, North Dakota focused on website design, digital marketing & mobile app development with stunning results. Our web services include mobile website design, mobile app development, and marketing services. For the last twelve years our web developers have programmed thousands of lines of code. Our graphic designers have bent thousands of pixels, launching 900+ web based projects nationwide. Currently, we extended mobile app development services here in Fargo by engineering even more client mobile app ideas into just about any Android or iOS mobile device. Contact 701-478-5955

Digital Web Marketing and Website SEO - search engine optimization.

Is your business struggling with website SEO, need help increasing your web traffic, or maybe you need help with web marketing to grow your business? Then, look no further. We can help! Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our website SEO experts in Fargo can help you to improve your web traffic and grow your business. Our website SEO services are very affordable and reduces PPC buying. Our web marketing services are natural and organic that creates value when, and where customers look. This is the future of how people will connect with brands.

Copyright and trademark infringement Fargo

July 4, 2015

Have you posted things in social media that you’ve copied from the internet and not give proper source credit? Sharing other’s information is part of the fun of social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. But how often do the credits of those things you share not come along with the post? Copyright and trademark […]

Introduction to writing content

July 4, 2015

Before I break the common pages into simple how-to’s, there are a few basic tips about content creation that I want to share: Angle You need an angle. Think about your customer. What does he/she look like on paper? What’s their stat’s? Age, location, financial stance, education, frequency of this type of purchase, necessity or […]

Are you willing to give up stock photography in Fargo

July 4, 2015

In the first few meetings with new clients, we try to get a good picture of what they like by having them show us examples of websites they find aesthetically pleasing. 99.9% of the time, clients will show us websites that are filled with beautiful photography. The common perception of good web design is really […]

Generating Web Content in Fargo

July 4, 2015

Take up real estate on the web. This is your number one goal. It is simple but time consuming, and the rewards are permanent. Your web presence must be like a table with many legs. Your website needs to be the table top, and each leg is another source of web content that you must […]

Favorite tools – QuickTime pro

July 4, 2015

One of my favorite tools that I use quite often is screen capture software. There are many different varieties out there, some cost money and some are “free.” I have found that Quick Time Pro is everything I need and it comes pre-installed on any Mac or Macbook computer. Screen capture software is a great […]

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