Short Cast TV Created by Suite 171 Team

Short Cast TV Created by Suite 171 Team

Recently, Suite 171 established a new video website with live YouTube productions as well as unique and interesting interviews with businesses that have great stories to tell. You can visit our new venture by going to www.ShortCast.TV and subscribing to the Short Cast TV YouTube channel.

Just Start, a live streaming interview show premiered in September with the first guest being Protosthetics, a Fargo based start-up that designs and builds prosthetic devices at a fraction of the cost through 3D printing. We sat down with co-founder, Cooper Bierscheid to discuss the ins and outs of starting a medical device tech company and the inspiration that lead him and his team of partners to “Just Start.”

The second episode is an interview with The Tell founder, Laura Egland and her business partner, John Andrick. We discuss the growth of their storytelling business, its remarkable community building aspect, and the idea of taking a passion and making it into a business.

Episode three of “Just Start” is with the gals from Nerd Nite Fargo, a geek gathering that they will tell you is “like the Discovery Channel with beer.” Tracy Kurtz, Karen Glover and Darby Miller join us for a lively discussion on nerds and geeks and the community of random knowledge. Learn what they “geek out” about, and why this monthly event is global.

We are always looking for new stories to tell. If you have a great story about starting your business or overcoming challenges faced in your market, let us know. We would love to talk to you about being on the show.

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