Social media dimensions size for digital marketing

Social media dimensions size for digital marketing

Social media dimensions for Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

Social media dimensions or sizes: Posting social media images is a daily routine in today’s modern technoculture. Avid social media practitioners, marketing strategists or a simple social media user benefit when they are alert on latest updates. Whether you are keen on replacing your profile photo, cover photo or sharing your latest escapades recorded in vivid photographs, each social media platform prescribes its own dimensions for images. Knowing these will help you determine the images you will post on these platforms and make the best impression that you seek.

Why it's important to know updated information on image social media dimensions? First, it is because every social media platform changes their specifications and every time they change the design of their homepages. Thus, all previous data on sizes are no longer useful as they have become obsolete. It pays then to become abreast of any changes they make. Second, optimizing either your business or your social engagements requires that you know these latest developments. Otherwise, you will be left out or miss the audience that you want to flock to your profile, brand, content or image. Third, it gives you the competitive edge to be able to apply these changes since time and speed meant money and prestige.

Now the information below is gathered to provide you with the latest data available today. Take note of the sizes below in pixels and the sooner you apply them the better.

Google+. Google+ always comes up with exciting innovations. Upon request of its users who dislike large cover photos, it specifies now 2120x1192 for cover photo, 250x250 for profile photo and a minimum of 250x250 for shared image.

Facebook. Facebook is constantly reinventing itself as it incorporates changes to its platform. To optimize your content and get more likes, be aware that it has the following sizes: cover photo 851x315, profile photo 180x180, tab 111x74, Link image 1200x627, and shared image 1200x1200.

LinkedIn. LinkedIn, the largest professional networking site, allows you now to upload a background photo. It has the following dimensions: background photo 1500x500, profile photo 500x500, standard logo 100x60, square logo 50x50, banner image, also called cover photo, 646x220 and a shared image size limit of 100 MB. Very recently, however, the standard logo is removed. Be in synch with these to maximize your professional growth.

Instagram. Instagram, the unique photo-sharing platform designed to enrich life experiences through pictures, provides the following measurements: profile photo 161x161, desktop image on lightbox 612x612 and image feed 510x510. Snap a photo with these sizes in mind to get your desired audience.

Almost every year social media platforms have come up with exciting changes not excluding changes in dimensions that you ought to know. Applying these necessary changes would mean more audience to any post you share to the public. Implementing these the moment they are released would mean optimizing your content to your targeted audience. Be on the lookout for any change they might come up and apply accordingly.

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